A downloadable game for Windows


The goal is pretty simple:
You will have to find three keys to get out of one of the 10 mazes.

Start: Red Block
Finish: Green Block
Key: Blue Block


Basic movement: W/A/S/D [Left analog stick]
Back to menu: ESC ["Back" button]
Fullscreen On/Off: F11 ["Start" button]
Take a screenshot: F12 ["A" button]

Menu (only Gamepad):
Play: "Start" button
Exit: "Back" button
Fullscreen On/Off: "A" button


Java 8 (Update 60) or higher
OpenGL 2.0 or higher
Mouse & Keyboard [or a XBox360/Razer Controller]

Source Code:

You can find the source code HERE at GitHub.

External software used:

LibGDX ( Badlogicgames.com )
Aseprite ( Aseprite.org )

Install instructions

Requirements for the game to run:

- Java 8 (Update 60) or higher
- OpenGL 2.0 or higher


Maze for Windows [.exe] 62 MB
Maze for others [.jar] 62 MB

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